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Journal 03/28/20

My children and I have been sick for a week now-- I'm trying to decide whether or not it's crazy to think that this sickness is the virus. The children are fine in the day, but at night their dry coughs and fevers come back.

My throat hurts when I breath and swallow, as if each inhalation is made from fire;
My head aches.
There's a burn in my chest when I cough (mostly in the night)
and I am nauseous all the time.

Some days I feel like I'm on the upswing, then I wake up and realize it has only gotten worse.

I have an auto-immune disorder that has a way of flaring up when I'm ill (as they tend to)--
It's here and in full swing.
Liquor hurts my mouth so, I can't stand it
and managing my anxiety with a sober mind
is becoming increasingly difficult as the
strangeness of our new world surrounds me.

I'm probably more afraid than I am sick, but how can I possibly tell?
'They' are telling us to be afraid,  'They' are saying that anyone can catc…

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