Still, beauty comes
like a vesper
to this mess
Lawless of the will,
Insensate to the wind--
Lies flickering like stars in our eyes &
I am tongueless;
Charmed by the snake;
In the darkness, my shadow becomes me.
Take me in my strangeness & my solitude
in service to Venus-- 
Catch a glimpse of the
   coming coming 
 coming coming
coming dream!
O! Take me from my depth
Wake me from reality and bear me--
bare me to the temperance of sleep.
make me lose myself to the natural intoxication of unity 
when at last I close my eyes, the dew of love drips sweetly from inside me 
and the force of you begins to let off
No words --
only the rhythmic consciousness
of heavy hearts
between breaths
of respite.


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