The Paradigm Of Sublime pt 5

In the studio, you looked at me.
The dust that had settled in my chest rose, leapt, and spread itself around the room as I exhaled—
a static reaction to the glimmer in your handsome eyes—
and watched through periphery as you sat and got yourself settled in the chair.
Every now and then, I have found reasons to stand nearer to you;  
on this day, it was as you recorded a loop.
I noticed when you eyed my breast 
through my loose-fitted sheer-polyester top.
I could feel the warmth radiating from you—
The heat became a specter that enveloped my core 
and bound my hands tightly to my own body—
I yearned for the courage to offer myself to you.
In the small amount of time that it took you to complete the recordings, 
I fell into a world of infinite fantasy.
Still aware as ever of my true surroundings, 
I watched with glazed eyes as…
I leaned into you and collapsed onto my knees.
I looked up at you from the ground in the 
slow & timid 
way that you may expect,
 and searched your eyes for signs of fear or disinterest.  
You smiled at me, swiveled in your seat, and reached out with your left hand to help me.
I took your hand and used it to draw myself up and closer to you, then placed it in the small of my back.  
You looked at me standing between your knees with a sort of wildness; 
A look which exalted me from my own shame.  
Using the outside of my fingers I touched your neck, 
then withdrew and lowered myself back down.  
Your hand slid up my spine and into my hair.
Head bowed by your thigh, I asked you to accept my submission.
You  didn’t answer me, 
but you tangled your hand deeper into my hair, squeezed,
and inhaled deeply through your nose.
As you exhaled, you freed your hand.
I stood and began to step back, in fear of  what you might say—
You saw my retreat and reached for me.
Suddenly I was on my stomach
-across your lap-
as I quivered in expectancy, 
you began to pet above my black stockings, where my skin was bare, 
and followed the smooth, warm, curves of my thigh to the end of my very-short cranberry skirt.
Playfully, you tossed the back of the skirt up only to reveal that my black, heart-backed thong was soaked right through the middle.  
You placed your hand at my center and started to stroke me.  
I cried out in ecstasy, having been deprived so long of pleasures of the flesh,
so you peeled back my panties and entered me with your fingertips.
I felt your desire spill over me like an electric wave
and I was drowning, finally sensate,
in the wake of satisfaction.
Just as I was about to release all the tension
compounded within me
-you stopped-
I pleaded you not to.
...You finished the third loop, 
I turned, walked towards my seat, took a drink of my tea
and wondered if your clemency would persist
if I had given in to my desires
and asked you, after all this time, to take me.
We smiled and said our goodbyes, 
in that awkward, cheery way that we do—
and went home to our families.


  1. wow....hottest thing i have read in a while. Love your way with words pretty lady.

  2. What is a man to do? He respects, and has love for her, but this alluring feminine perfection is demanding something he has no choice butt to oblige!


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