The Paradigm of Sublime pt 6

I dreamed of you the other night.
It was a wicked, tormenting thing.
I woke up wet all over— 
shaking from the cold air, drenched in  
sweat & lust with no hope for resolve.
My fingers teased my skin— 
from arm to breast, stomach to hips, thighs and so forth…
every mark on my body was bared to the air conditioning in my hotel room… 
Sounds of sirens bleared around my head, but the edging, sensual trance from my dream kept me held in sexual purgatory.
I came to a small windowless room and opened the door; a ghostly grand piano, covered in dust, was the only thing there.
I took my shirt off to use it as a wash rag, got onto my hands and knees and began to scrub the damper pedal.  
Each time I let off of it to check the sheen, it made a loud ‘thunk’ that echoed through the room.  
I cleaned the bench next, then the keys, and started to play; 
an electric heat rushed from my fingertips through the rest of my body; 
my pelvis moved to the rhythm of the song
 and I found myself deeply, unbearably, aroused. 
I removed my skirt, used it to wipe the dust off of the top,
and climbed up onto it.  
The keys kept playing.  
The music vibrated inside of me—
 I sat there paralyzed—
 terrified of what might happen
 if I gave in to my naked id and let the song take me.
Legs on either side of me, 
stretched out as if they were a bridge over raging river waters, 
I started to touch myself. 
Suddenly, the door whipped open in a gust of glittering wind 
and there you were,  
standing there… smiling.  
My body convulsed under your leering gaze. 
 You moved forward slowly and sat at the bench;
you were so close that I could feel your breath.
 Your face came closer to me, 
you started to examine the mess I was making with my hands
 and removed your glasses. 
 Your cheek grazed up my inner thigh 
and my body moved to you without any conscious direction; 
the music still played, but followed me now.  
You gorged yourself on the nectar of my body— 
skillfully devoured every bit of tension inside of me 
until I screamed and clawed at your shoulders— 
until I begged to hear your voice in the mix of excruciating auditory delight.  
Hewed in sunder, my aching soul leapt from it’s physical cage and allowed you to enter into me.  
Heavier and deeper with each thrust; the bass dropped and you roared thunderously over me…
I awoke, under the conditions reported above
and went about life, as I usually do.
Hollow & hungry.
*    *
*    *    *
*    *    *


  1. Sexual purgatory has an easy escape for women as beautiful as the winsome lass pictured above: seduction. The irony is that such a lovely lady doesn't realize that the gentleman she dreams of is in even more torment, as he resists and represses the temptation to bite the apple of Eden.


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