Now I am Liquid

It was not death, though it felt similar.  
A great euphoria passed over my body and hummed a tune of departure.  
Goodbye, cruel world— I abandon your agony!
I’ve the strength to live freely and trust at will.  
I’m not waiting for what’s coming, coming, 
coming to an end.
No longer do I seek for another to fill that long, dark, and empty void.  
For pleasure knows not when it is sought, 
only when it is found.
I have it here—
In my own two hands!
& now I am liquid—
equal parts sunshine & shadow.
Loved as a woman
in my own heart.
In my own bed 
I fall into myself, 
my chest gently collapsing with a sigh
my veins pulsing thick blood of fire throughout…
& as the demons escape my soul
with panting breath, 
between each moan
I gladly release them 
& return home.
*                        *
*           *


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