I  draw your sight towards my body
watch your hands fumbling for something to touch
Like the trees at the end of February,
your eyes meet mine and glaze with frost
I am outside the walls
of where you fell in love
Drawing lines in the sand
and they fade away...
They fade away...
I'm sunshine for strangers
For those who are silent
So, gild my pearl when
"Sir Ocean" doesn’t care
Deep water between us,
this dysconsciousness--
I've lost my breath
The end creeps nearer.
Over my head, swelling stillness
feel your eyes searching for some kind of fear
Like the carnivores of dark, dark forests
your hands meet mine and heat with lust
You are standing knee deep
in waters black as tar
No lines can save you now
They fade away...
They fade away!
*                         *
*           *


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